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Hanna Hats Eight Piece Cap, Vintage Patchwork Cap and Donegal Touring Cap hung on firewood

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A selection of the most loved and cherished products of our community...
Vintage Cap TweedVintage Cap Tweed
Vintage Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €75.00
Vintage Cap LinenVintage Cap Linen
Vintage Cap Linen Sale priceFrom €75.00
Donegal Touring Cap TweedDonegal Touring Cap Tweed
Donegal Touring Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €75.00
Donegal Touring Cap LinenDonegal Touring Cap Linen
Donegal Touring Cap Linen Sale priceFrom €75.00
Eight Piece Cap TweedEight Piece Cap Tweed
Eight Piece Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Connery Cap LinenConnery Cap Linen
Connery Cap Linen Sale priceFrom €80.00
Pork Pie Hat LinenPork Pie Hat Linen
Pork Pie Hat Linen Sale priceFrom €85.00
Walking Hat TweedWalking Hat Tweed
Walking Hat Tweed Sale price€99.00
Hanna Hats Vintage Cap Patchwork TweedVintage Cap Patchwork Tweed
Vintage Cap Patchwork Tweed Sale price€75.00
JP Cap TweedJP Cap Tweed
JP Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Connery Cap TweedConnery Cap Tweed
Connery Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Erin Cap TweedErin Cap Tweed
Erin Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00