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Shane wearing Eight Piece Cap Patchwork with suit and bow tie

Newsboy Caps

A classic style inspired by newspaper boys and girls of the 1920's and 1930's, our Newsboy Caps resemble an old spinning wheel used to create yarn from fleece.

The Newsboy style has gained popularity over recent years thanks to shows such as Peaky Blinders. The voluminous, eye-catching style has become a staple in on-trend wardrobes everywhere.


Eight Piece Cap TweedEight Piece Cap Tweed
Eight Piece Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
JP Cap TweedEmmett wearing JP Cap Tweed Irish Tweed Dark Grey Charcoal Fleck Salt & Pepper
JP Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Connery Cap TweedConnery Cap Tweed
Connery Cap Tweed Sale price€80.00
Hanna Hats Eight Piece Cap Patchwork TweedEmmett wearing Eight Piece Cap Tweed Newsboy Cap multi colour
Glenveagh Cap TweedGlenveagh Cap Tweed
Glenveagh Cap Tweed Sale price€80.00
Hanna Hats JP Cap Irish Linen Summer Newsboy Cap NavyEmmett wearing JP Cap Irish Linen Summer Newsboy Cap
JP Cap Linen Sale price€80.00
Connery Cap LinenConnery Cap Linen
Connery Cap Linen Sale price€80.00