JP Cap Linen

Color: Navy

The JP Cap, named after a 3rd generation Hanna, is a modern take on the traditional Newsboy style. Like the Eight Panel cap, it also has eight panels but the proportions are reduced making it less voluminous than the traditional style.

It features a long, curved peak with a concealed stud button which frames the face whilst providing protection from the elements, and a traditional fabric-covered button on the crown known as a Squatcho.

Ideal for warmer days, the JP Cap in Linen is an essential accessory staple designed to elevate any summer look. Each piece is crafted using authentic, high-quality Irish Linen.

· Handcrafted in Ireland
· Medium Bodied 8 Piece Panel Cap
· Elongated Curved Peak with Concealed Press Stud
· Squatcho (button) on Crown
· Available in 100% Irish Linen Fabrics
· Fully Lined with Viscose Lining
· Gentle Dry Clean
· Suitable for all Genders


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