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Satchel Bag Patchwork Tweed pictured in the Irish countryside


Complete your look with our range of handcrafted Accessories designed to complement our Headwear Collection.

Donegal Socks Bright Moss Green Made in Ireland Wool SocksDonegal Socks
Donegal Socks Sale price€16.00
Hanna Hats Scarf Patchwork Tweed / CorduroyScarf Patchwork Tweed / Corduroy
Donegal BeaniesDonegal Beanies
Donegal Beanies Sale price€35.00
Hanna Hats Satchel Bag Patchwork TweedSatchel Bag Patchwork Tweed
Satchel Bag Patchwork Tweed Sale price€145.00
Hanna Hats Scarf Heavy Patchwork Tweed / CorduroyScarf Heavy Patchwork Tweed / Corduroy - LIMITED EDITION
Hanna Hats Purse Bag Patchwork Tweed
Purse Bag Patchwork Tweed Sale price€70.00
Hanna Hats of Donegal Gift Card
Hanna Hats of Donegal Gift Card Sale priceFrom €50.00
Bow Tie Tweed Irish Tweed- Green with Multicolour FlecksBow Tie Tweed
Bow Tie Tweed Sale price€50.00
Satchel Bag Irish Tweed Maroon & Charcoal Salt & PepperSatchel Bag Tweed
Satchel Bag Tweed Sale price€145.00
Tie TweedTie Tweed
Tie Tweed Sale price€70.00
Scarf Tweed / Velvet
Scarf Tweed / Velvet Sale price€100.00