Est. 1924

Hanna Hats of Donegal

Like our father and his father before him, we create timeless headwear pieces and accessories, enjoyed the world over, in our Donegal Town workshop on Ireland's northwest coast. We are constantly inspired by our heritage and the breath-taking landscape which we are so lucky to be immersed in.

We hold dear the community, customers, original designs, innovation, natural fabrics, and high-quality standards that go into every Hanna Hat piece.

Hanna Hats cap steam pressing

Handcrafted with Age Old Traditions

Each Hanna Hat piece is crafted by hand in our workshop in Donegal by our expert team of skilled cutters and machinists. 

We only use authentic, locally sourced materials including Irish tweed, Harris tweed & Irish linens.

Made and Packed with Perfection

Each creation goes through a thorough quality inspection before it leaves our workshop floor.

They are then carefully steam-pressed before being packed in our Hanna Hats' custom packaging.

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