Linen Caps for Summer

The Transition to Linen

The warm haze of summer is just on the horizon, which means it’s time to retire your tweed caps until the cool, crisp air of autumn returns. Many seasoned members of the Hanna Hats Community sport their tweed caps and hats through autumn, winter, and early spring, but when the temperatures start to rise, they swap out their tweed caps for their Irish Linen Summer Flat Caps. In this blog we are going to give you a bit of insight into linen as a fabric, the benefits of wearing it in warmer temperatures and give you a look at our linen collection for summer 2022.


Linen – what is it made from?

Linen is made from the flax plant recognised by its “wee blue blossom”, has a long history in Ireland stretching back to the first millennium, and it was one of the main industries during the plantation of Ulster from the 1600’s. Linen has a long and rich history here in Ireland, so we are delighted to support this ancient Irish industry.

Linen is a very eco-friendly natural fabric. The flax plant captures a significant amount of C02 from the air, can boost soil quality and doesn’t require irrigation, so it will grow with rain fall alone.

We use 100% Irish Linen in all of our linen products. 


What are the benefits of wearing Linen?

Linen is the ideal fabric to wear in warmer climates as it transmits sun away from the wearer leaving them cool in the summer sun. Linen is a natural breathable fabric so it’s an ideal companion for a stroll on a beautiful summer’s day.

Our linen caps are suitable to wear every day and for more formal occasions like summer weddings. Linen adds an effortless luxe look to an otherwise ordinary outfit.


How to care for our Linen Caps?

As with all our caps, we recommend a gentle dry clean for our linen caps too. Although our Linen Caps may not be the family heirlooms our tweed caps are, we have had customers who have gotten great wear out of them for 15-20 years when cared for correctly.


What styles of linen caps do we offer?

Up until recently, we offered linen in our Donegal Touring Caps and Vintage Caps. Many customers expressed their interest in a linen newsboy cap, so we have now introduced the JP Cap Linen and Connery Cap Linen. We offer a beautiful collection of linens including a choice of classic neutrals and some limited editions colours for summer 2022.


Flat Caps

Vintage Cap Linen

Man wearing natural linen flat cap

Our Vintage Cap Linen is just as popular as our Vintage Cap Tweed. This traditional flat cap has a full-bodied fit, with a flat peak and a concealed stud-button. The Vintage Cap Linen is available in a collection of beautiful linens:

  • Navy
  • Natural (pictured above)
  • Khaki
  • Black
  • Sky Blue & White Glen Check 

The Vintage Cap is also available in a Vintage Cap Patchwork Linen and Vintage Cap Patchwork Grey/Blue Linen.

We have introduced 3 Limited Edition Check Linens for summer 2022:

Man sitting in long grass wearing a flat cap

  • Gold & Brown Check, Green & Blue Overcheck (pictured above)
  • Deep Blue & White Small Check
  • Cream & Green Check, Blue & Maroon Overcheck

Donegal Touring Cap Linen

Man play golf wearing a Khaki flat cap

Our Donegal Touring Cap Linen is the perfect companion for the golf course this summer. It will keep you cool all the way until the 18th hole. The Donegal Touring Cap Linen is a streamlined, tailored fit cap ideal for those who prefer a slimmer silhouette. The style sports an integrated, stitched-down curved peak and a deep back for a secure fit. Our Donegal Touring Cap Linen is available in a variety of classic linens:

  • Navy
  • Natural
  • Khaki (pictured above)
  • Black
  • Sky Blue & White Glen Check

The Donegal Touring Cap is also available in a Donegal Touring Cap Patchwork Linen and Donegal Touring Cap Patchwork Grey/Blue Linen.


Newsboy Caps

So, as we mentioned above, many of our customers were longing for a newsboy cap in linen so we listened and decided to make that happen.


JP Cap Linen

Man wearing a newsboy cap petting a small dog

Our JP Cap Linen is the perfect cap to wear out and about during the summer months. It adds a touch of class to any outfit. Our JP Cap has a neat fit and a long-curved peak, ideal for keeping the sun’s rays out of your face. Our JP Cap Linen is available in 4 neutral colours:  

  • Natural 
  • Khaki
  • Black
  • Navy (pictured above)

Connery Cap Linen

Man wearing white newsboy cap watching friends golf

If you like the neat fit of our JP Cap but would prefer a flat, shorter peak, then our Connery Cap Linen would be the perfect choice. The Connery Cap Linen is available in a selection of 6 colours:

  • Limited Edition: White - nothing screams summer like a white linen cap! (pictured above)
  • Limited Edition: Lovat Green 
  • Natural
  • Khaki 
  • Black
  • Navy 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about all things linen and that it’s helped you understand why our long-standing Hanna Hats customers start to wear their linen caps when the temperatures start to rise.

If you have any questions about our linen caps, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you find the perfect linen cap to keep you cool and stylish this summer. You can check out our full linen collection here. We have also put together a gift guide for Father’s Day if you’re looking to treat your dad to a Hanna Hats piece, you can read that here.

Father's Day: Any orders placed after the 8th of June, please put 'Father's Day Gift' in the 'Add Order Note' section during checkout and we will do our best to get it to you on time. However, each piece is handcrafted, therefore we cannot guarantee they will arrive in time for Father’s Day. 

'I love the cap and have ordered another. I'm wearing it all the time. The parcel was beautifully presented and the whole operation had a lovely, personal feel. Thank you, Eleanor!'

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