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Finn wearing a Patchwork Tweed Cap alongside an Irish cliff

New Arrivals

Explore the latest arrivals to the Hanna Hats collection.
Donegal Touring Cap LinenDonegal Touring Cap Linen
Donegal Touring Cap Linen Sale priceFrom €75.00
Vintage Cap LinenVintage Cap Linen
Vintage Cap Linen Sale priceFrom €75.00
Pork Pie Hat LinenPork Pie Hat Linen
Pork Pie Hat Linen Sale priceFrom €85.00
Connery Cap LinenConnery Cap Linen
Connery Cap Linen Sale priceFrom €80.00
JP Cap LinenEmmett wearing JP Cap Irish Linen Summer Newsboy Cap
JP Cap Linen Sale priceFrom €80.00
Vintage Cap TweedVintage Cap Tweed
Vintage Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €75.00
Donegal Touring Cap TweedDonegal Touring Cap Tweed
Donegal Touring Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €75.00
Walking Hat TweedWalking Hat Tweed
Walking Hat Tweed Sale price€99.00
Eight Piece Cap TweedEight Piece Cap Tweed
Eight Piece Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
JP Cap TweedJP Cap Tweed
JP Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Connery Cap TweedConnery Cap Tweed
Connery Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Erin Cap TweedErin Cap Tweed
Erin Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Baseball Cap TweedBaseball Cap Tweed
Baseball Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €69.00
Skipper Cap TweedSkipper Cap Tweed
Skipper Cap Tweed Sale price€75.00
Vintage Cap Ear Flap TweedVintage Cap Ear Flap Tweed
Vintage Cap Ear Flap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00