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Dark Grey Charcoal Fleck Salt & Pepper Tweed

Irish Tweed

A selection of our handcrafted Irish tweed products, assembled by hand in our factory in Donegal by our incredible team of skilled cutters and machinists. 
Vintage Cap TweedVintage Cap Tweed
Vintage Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €75.00
Eight Piece Cap TweedEight Piece Cap Tweed
Eight Piece Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Donegal Touring Cap TweedEmmett wearing Donegal Touring Cap Irish Tweed- Sky Blue & Navy Herringbone with Colourful Flecks
Donegal Touring Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €75.00
Walking Hat TweedWalking Hat Tweed
Walking Hat Tweed Sale priceFrom €99.00
JP Cap TweedEmmett wearing JP Cap Tweed Irish Tweed Dark Grey Charcoal Fleck Salt & Pepper
JP Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Hanna Hats Vintage Cap Patchwork TweedVintage Cap Patchwork Tweed
Vintage Cap Patchwork Tweed Sale price€75.00
Erin Cap TweedBruno wearing Erin Irish Tweed Brown Duckbill Cap
Erin Cap Tweed Sale priceFrom €80.00
Hanna Hats Donegal Touring Cap Patchwork TweedDonegal Touring Cap Patchwork Tweed
Walking Hat Patchwork TweedWalking Hat Patchwork Tweed
Walking Hat Patchwork Tweed Sale price€99.00
Hanna Hats Eight Piece Cap Patchwork TweedEmmett wearing Eight Piece Cap Tweed Newsboy Cap multi colour
Daithi Cap TweedDaithi Cap Tweed
Daithi Cap Tweed Sale price€75.00
Hanna Hats Scarf Patchwork Tweed / CorduroyEmmett wearing Scarf Tweed Patchwork with black coat
Hanna Hats Erin Cap Patchwork TweedBruno wearing Erin Duckbill Cap Tweed Patchwork with black overcoat
Erin Cap Patchwork Tweed Sale price€80.00
Hanna Hats Satchel Bag Patchwork TweedAnn wearing Satchel Bag Patchwork Tweed with red coat
Satchel Bag Patchwork Tweed Sale price€145.00
Hanna Hats Slieve League Hat Irish Tweed - Autumnal Woven Patchwork Salt & PepperSlieve League Hat Tweed
Slieve League Hat Tweed Sale priceFrom €85.00
Children's Cap TweedChildren's Cap Tweed
Children's Cap Tweed Sale price€65.00
Baseball Cap Tweedshane-wearing-baseball-cap-tweed-buffolo-check-blue-navy
Baseball Cap Tweed Sale price€69.00
Hanna Hats Purse Bag Patchwork TweedAnn wearing Purse Bag Patchwork Tweed with red coat
Purse Bag Patchwork Tweed Sale price€70.00
Hanna Hats Children's Cap Patchwork TweedHanna Hats Children's Cap Patchwork Tweed
Hanna Hats Daithi Cap Patchwork TweedShane wearing Daithi Cap Tweed Patchwork with navy coat
Daithi Cap Patchwork Tweed Sale price€75.00
Bow Tie Tweed Irish Tweed- Green with Multicolour FlecksAdam wearing green bow tie tweed with green tweed flat cap and sports jacket
Bow Tie Tweed Sale price€50.00
Tie TweedTie Tweed
Tie Tweed Sale price€70.00