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Article: Hanna Hats: The Making of our Vintage Cap Patchwork Linen

Hanna Hats: The Making of our Vintage Cap Patchwork Linen

Hanna Hats: The Making of our Vintage Cap Patchwork Linen

As we often mention, each of our patchwork products are 100% unique, whether they are linen or tweed. We thought you would enjoy seeing how our Vintage Cap Patchwork Linen is made. 

The process begins with cutting. Tony cuts the linen by hand into 13-inch sections, which you can see him doing below.

Tony cutting linen.

Then, the sheets of linen are placed into our dye press, where the 4-inch squares are punched out using a metal dye (pattern).

Linen 4-inch squares being cut out by our dye press.

Once the patchwork squares are punched out, this is how they look below.

How the linen squares look when they're cut out.

When the patchwork squares are ready, they’re given to a member of our team to sew together. Our team designs the blankets they are making. A blanket in this case refers to a 5 square x 10 square blanket (each square is 4 inches) and two caps can be made from each blanket. There are some guidelines we ask our team to follow e.g., don’t put the same pattern or colour side by side.

Linen Squares being sewn together.

The patchwork linen blanket is then pressed and placed in our fusing machine, the fusing is bound to the back of the linen blanket. Fusing a cap gives it more body and structure.

Linen blanket being fused.

The linen blanket is then placed back in the dye press and a dye (i.e., a pattern) for the desired style of cap in a specific size is placed on top of it. The dye press comes down and punches out the cap.

Pattern of cap being cut out by dye press.

The patterns that are cut are then brought to one of our sewing team to begin the process of putting the cap together. This is done in a few steps; the linen is sewn to the polypropylene peak, then the stud fastener is added to the peak. After this, the body of the cap is sewn together, and then peak is sewn to the body. Once the cap is assembled, the lining is sewn to the inside of the cap and finally the button is added to the peak.

Body of cap is sewn together.

The cap is then brought out to our dispatch team where it is pressed, sized, and packed, ready to go to be shipped to its new home.

Vintage Cap Patchwork Linen being pressed.

Cap is wrapped and packed.

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at how our Vintage Cap Patchwork Linen is made. If you would like to find out more about our Vintage Cap Patchwork Linen, you can see it here. If you enjoyed this blog, you may also enjoy our Hanna Hats Style Guide Blog which you can read here

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