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Article: Hanna Hats Style Guide

Hanna Hats Style Guide

Hanna Hats Style Guide

Looking for the perfect tweed hat or cap to suit your style but don't know where to start? Well, we're here to help. In this blog post we highlight some of our top selling styles and detail how they compare to each other. Our hats and caps are suitable for all genders and ages and make the perfect addition to any outfit. We hope this guide will help you find the perfect Hanna Hat to suit your style. 

The Vintage Cap Tweed was first designed back in the 1960's and is still one of our most popular styles today. It is a tweed flat cap that has a wide body across the middle of the cap, giving fullness, and a flat peak with a stud fastener. This style is a timeless piece and is an iconic Irish style.

Now, let's compare our Vintage cap to our Donegal Touring Cap Tweed. If you look closely, you'll notice our DTC has a slimmer body and a curved peak. This tweed cap has a much more tailored look, fitting closer to the head, and is perfect for those who prefer a slimline look. You could say it's a modern take on the original tweed flat cap. It adds modernity and elegance to an outfit.

If a tweed flat cap isn't your style, then one of our newsboy caps might be more up your street. Going for that Peaky Blinders inspired look? Look no further; there are two options, the Eight Piece Cap Tweed and the JP Cap Tweed. Our original Eight Piece Cap was designed in the 1970's. It was inspired by the newspaper boys and girls of the 1920's and 1930's. This cap features eight panels of equal size and shape and resembles an old spinning wheel. The peak is flat, and the body of the cap is full, sitting tall and full on the head.


The JP cap has eight panels too, but is not as voluminous as the Eight Piece Cap Tweed. The front panels on the JP are shorter than on the Eight Piece, revealing the curved peak underneath.

If you'd like a hybrid of these two newsboy caps, then our Connery Cap Tweed might be the ideal cap for you. The Connery Cap Tweed has the same neat body as the JP Cap Tweed but features a flat peak like the Eight Piece.

So we have compared our top selling caps, but what about our hats? When our founding father David Hanna established the company, hats were the mainstay of the collections, hence our company name. The cap, in all its forms, is the most popular headwear style today but the hat still holds its own and is very dear to us.

Firstly, let's talk about our Walking Hat Tweed This tweed walking hat is the most popular hat in our collection. It has a solid, structured body and brim. The brim protects the face from the elements, the body stands tall and you will walk tall when wearing this eye-catching style.

The Eske Travel Hat Tweed is a tweed bucket hat that has a soft brim and body. This makes it the ideal hat for those on the go. It can be folded in your bag or coat pocket and will instantly bounce back into shape when it is worn. 

We hope this guide will help you decide which Hanna Hat style or styles will suit your style- after all there's no limit on the looks that can be elevated by a Hanna Hat. You can see the rest of our collection here.

If you enjoyed this blog, please share this on your social media. Hopefully, it will help more people find their perfect headwear style.

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