Production Process - How we make a Hanna Hat

Stage 1 production cutting of hanna hat

The age-old tradition of our bespoke tailoring begins with the finest Irish tweed, pure new wool which is woven exclusively for us. Our highly-skilled cutter rolls the quality tweed on the workbench in preparation for cutting.

Stage 1 Production B of cutting of Hanna Hat

The tweed is measured by hand using chalk and a measuring tape, embracing the technique of our past craftsmen. Traditional scissors, like those above, which belonged to David Hanna Senior, are still being used today. The tweeds are cut into squares, from a variety of different colours and patterns.

Stage 2 colour picking for Hanna Hats

A variety of colours and patterns are hand selected by our employees in order to ensure that no one patchwork blanket is the same. This is what makes a Hanna Hats’ product unique and one of a kind.

Stage 2 Production of Hanna Hat handmade  Stage 2 production of Hanna Hat crafted headwear

All our designs are assembled by our dedicated team at our factory in Donegal Town, ensuring the quality tailoring has been retained.

John Hanna of Hanna Hats finishing a handmade hat

In the final stage, each product is inspected to ensure the sizing is correct. Each product is then steamed using a handheld steam iron which we can see our Managing Director, John Hanna doing above. A Hanna Hat’s label is attached to the product and is then ready to be exported worldwide.

'I love the cap and have ordered another. I'm wearing it all the time. The parcel was beautifully presented and the whole operation had a lovely, personal feel. Thank you, Eleanor!'

Rob in America