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Artikel: Hanna Hats- 100 Year Collection – Volume I

Hanna Hats- 100 Year Collection – Volume I
Flat caps

Hanna Hats- 100 Year Collection – Volume I

We were delighted to officially mark the start of our 100-year celebrations with our 100 Year Collection- Volume I. We step into a new century with the same commitment to excellence that has defined our brand since 1924. Expect timeless elegance blended with contemporary flair, as we pay homage to the past while looking boldly towards the future.

Our 100 Year Collection- Volume I includes some of our classic styles offered in a variety of new materials. We have added 6 new tweeds and 3 new linens in this first collection. You were asking for a linen hat with a brim for the summer, so we also relaunched our Pork Pie Hat Linen, a style originally launched in the 90s that will quickly become your favourite summer hat.

New Tweeds

We have added six new tweed colours, a mix of Donegal, Irish, Harris Scottish and English Tweeds, which you can see above. This collection offers a selection of salt & peppers, checks and a herringbone. The first three colours are limited-editions, so once they’re gone- they’re gone. Varying in colours, weights, and the styles they are offered in; everyone is sure to find something they love.

  1. Donegal Tweed - Blue Salt & Pepper with Colourful Flecks Limited Edition
  2. English Tweed - Brown & Green Herringbone with Multicolour Overcheck Limited Edition
  3. English Tweed - Light Brown Salt & Pepper Limited Edition
  4. Harris Scottish Tweed - Green & Black Herringbone
  5. Irish Tweed - Oatmeal Salt & Pepper with Black & Orange Flecks
  6. Harris Scottish Tweed - Beige Check with Blue & Rust Overcheck

 Donegal Touring Cap Tweed- Harris Scottish Tweed - Green & Black Herringbone

The largest selection of our new tweeds are available in our bestselling flat caps: our Vintage Cap Tweed and Donegal Touring Cap Tweed. These are best sellers for a reason, the flat cap is a versatile piece that is suitable for many occasions. The Vintage Cap Tweed has a wide body and flat peak, while the Donegal Touring Cap Tweed has a narrow-streamlined body and a curved stitched down peak.

Baseball Cap Tweed- Harris Scottish Tweed - Beige Check with Blue & Rust Overcheck

Our Baseball Cap Tweed is available in two of the new tweeds, including the Harris Scottish Tweed - Beige Check with Blue & Rust Overcheck in the photo above. The Baseball Cap Tweed is a cool and contemporary way to elevate any look.

New Linens

We have added three new linens to our linen collection. All our linen is the finest, 100% Irish Linen. We have our staple colours of: Natural, Navy, Khaki, Black & Sky Blue and White Glen Check and we think these three new colours are great additions to that. Our neutral tones will be perfect for those who want versatility, while the two glen checks add an interesting flair to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Vintage Cap Linen- Charcoal

Our linen cloths are available in four different styles: our Vintage Cap Linen, Donegal Touring Cap Linen, JP Cap Linen, and Connery Cap Linen (the two Glen Checks are not available in the JP Cap Linen or Connery Cap Linen).

Pork Pie Hat Linen- Natural

Many of you have asked for a linen hat with a brim, so we’ve brought back our Pork Pie Hat Linen that we’re sure you’re going to love. Our Pork Pie Hat Linen is available in in seven different colours, including natural above. This crushable, foldable style is the perfect summer hat to wear on a summer stroll or a day at the beach.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post delving a little deeper into our 100-Year Collection: Volume I. You can browse our new arrivals here. If you purchase a piece from our new collection, please send a photo to marketing@hannahats.com as we would love to see how you style your new pieces. If you enjoyed this blog post, you should check out our Hanna Hats Style Guide Blog, which will help you find the perfect Hanna Hats style. 

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