Our story begins with our founder, David Hanna Snr. He was born in Belfast in 1905. He finished school at age 16 and he saw an advertisement for an apprentice tailor in Donegal Town. So, David cycled from Belfast to Donegal to interview for the job. The tailor was named McDaid and he died one year after David began working for him. McDaid’s sons had no interest in tailoring, and so David Hanna Snr took over the business in 1924.

In 1964 David recognised a decline in demand for tailored suits and so began handcrafting bespoke headwear. His first hat took four and a half hours to make, and was given the name ‘Hanna Hat’, style no. 84. And so the story of Hanna Hats began with the business now starting to specialise in the design and production of handcrafted hats and caps

In 1974 David’s sons began managing the family business, ensuring the tradition and quality of their father’s work was retained. In 1986 John Hanna took over David Hanna & Sons which became Hanna Hats of Donegal LtdJohn continued creating innovative tweed products using the traditions passed on from his father. At the heart of everything he created was quality and craftsmanship.

Today, John’s children carry their father and grandfather’s vision as a third generation family business. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are our own original designs and each one is assembled by hand in Donegal. The natural fabrics used throughout our collections reflect the soft and muted shades of the rich Donegal landscape. Our products are designed to be worn by all ages, all sizes and all genders. We are confident that as long as people have heads, they will wear a Hanna Hat. 

 Hanna Hats - Eleanor and John Patrick Hanna at Showcase Dublin 2020

Eleanor and John Patrick Hanna have the passion, drive and commitment to ensure Hanna Hats has a bright future ahead. 


Steeped in history and heritage, each creation is ‘a little piece of luxury from Donegal’ - John Joseph Hanna (1944 - 2019)