Country Hat Tweed

Color: Scottish Harris Tweed - Country Green Herringbone with Tan Overcheck

Our Country Hat was designed with function and practicality in mind. With its neat silhouette and short brim is it is ideal for wearing on county pursuits such as walking, fishing, foraging & hunting.

The stiff-bodied hat tapers elegantly in three panels towards the crown, and the body features a narrow bias-cut band with a pocket, frayed at the top, housing brightly coloured feathers for a country sports look. The decorative stitching on the brim also act to strengthen the brim which, like the Walking Hat, is made from Buckram.

· Handcrafted in Ireland
· Stiff-Bodied Tailored Fit Hat
· Tapered Crown
· Stiff Buckram Brim
· 100% Wool
· Fully Lined with Viscose Lining
· Gentle Dry Clean
· Suitable for all Genders

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